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Learn how to connect your rings, assign colors and sounds, save color kits, manage ring groups, and create and sharing your own custom playing pads. 

Note: these tutorials feature the Specdrums iOS App. The Android app is slightly different and does not have all features. Stay posted for Android-specific tutorials and updates to the app!

Bluetooth MIDI

Connect Specdrums to other music-making apps like GarageBand as a Bluetooth MIDI Device. Turn on MIDI Mode in the Specdrums app to assign color-sound mappings while playing through MIDI apps on your same device.

View tutorials for connecting to macOS or Windows 10.

Advanced features


Create your own Sound Pack by recording sounds using your microphone. Sound Packs can either be pitched (containing one middle-C sample pitched up or down) or sampled (containing multiple, unique sounds).

Creating loops

Loop beats and melodies into your own musical creations to save or share with friends.

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